Is it free to change Qatar flight?

If you are willing to change a flight on Qatar Airways, you can do it through online services and the other customer support centers provided by the airlines. Qatar airways allow passengers to change their flight dates even at a very close interval before the flight departure. Now you must be wondering “Does it cost money to change flight dates?” so, this guide will help you know about the same and you can change your flight date accordingly.

Does it cost money to change flight dates?

For your information, yes, Qatar Airways does cost money to change your flight dates. To Change a Qatar Airways flight, it can cost you around USD 60-USD 175 from the passengers. Flight change charges may vary according to the type of flight you book. You can change your flight with Qatar Airways in various ways mentioned below:

Get a guide to know about the cost to change a flight on Qatar Airways

Steps to change your flight on Qatar airways

  • Reach the official website of Qatar Airways and log in to the account that you have created.

  • After logging in, you can visit the “manage my bookings” section of your account.

  • You can now select the flight that you wish to change and then you have to enter the departure and the arrival dates of the reschedule of your flight.

  • After entering the reschedule, you can manage your booking and can also add some extra services if you wish to.

  • Now, proceed to the further payment process. You can select the mode of payment that you want.

  • Once your flight is changed, you will get the confirmation mail through your registered phone number shortly.

Qatar Airways Change Policy

Fees Circumstances to change flight

  • That is how you can change your flight on Qatar Airways. If you are wondering “Is it free to change Qatar flight?” so to let you know, if you change your flight within the same seat class category then there is no need to pay any charges to the airlines for your fight change.

  • But, If you change your flight to a different class category of the flight, there will be a certain amount mentioned above that you have to pay to the airlines while changing your flight.

There are some of the points that you must go through to know more about the flight change in Qatar Airways. The Qatar airways change policy includes the following points:

  • You can directly make your flight changes from your travel agents prior to the departure of the flight and also through the Qatar airways help centers.

  • Differences in your flight ticket charges may apply according to the kind of flight you rebook.

How much does it cost to change a flight on Qatar Airways?

The above guide was all about the Qatar Airways flight change. You can go through some of the basic points that the Qatar airways change policy comprises. For further details, you can contact the Qatar Airways customer care service support. The helpdesk of Qatar Airways is available 24/7 to help and support the passengers. You can also make your further requests regarding the flights via the Email address given on the official website of the airlines.


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