Pet Policy

Know about the airlines pet policies

Want to fly with a pet? There are numerous airlines that allow pets with passengers. All the airlines have different rules and restrictions for carrying a pet in the flight.

Get info about pet policies in airlines

Choosing an airline that allows pets is a best option to take the loved pets from one place to another. The rules vary with the airlines as some allow small dogs whereas others restricts small cats. So, before taking the pets along, a passenger should check the pet policy of the airlines. Some important info related to pet policies is mentioned below:

  • The passenger has to check whether the pet is allowed as carry-on bag or checked baggage.
  • There are many airlines which allow pets only in the cargo section of the flight.
  • The fee for carrying a pet varies according to the airline and destination chosen by the passenger.

For more info about Airline pet policies, the official website of the airlines can be browsed.

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