How do I change my flight on Kuwait Airways?

If you have your next booking scheduled with Kuwait airways but now due to some reason you want to reschedule the flight, then you can effortlessly do it by following the process given down below:

  1. Browse the official Kuwait airways website through a default web engine.
  2. Now go to the ‘manage booking’ section and the homepage and provide required details like your name, reservation number, etc.
  3. Click on the retrieve booking button, and your flight details will appear in the following window.
  4. Here you need to locate the modify button to make the necessary changes to your tickets.
  5. Now change the date, destination, or anything as per your requirement and proceed with the on-screen instructions to rebook the flight. 
  6. Once you arrive on the payment page, make the payment and get the updated tickets at your registered mailing address. 
  7. You can now download your ticket to get boarding passes in the future. 

How much does it cost to change the date of your flight?- Kuwait Airways

Passengers making the changes after 24 hours of booking are liable to pay $200 on all the domestic flight changes. However, the flight change fee depends on the ticket condition and time left in departure. The Kuwait airways customer service team will help you out further to reach out via call, chat, or email to talk to a live representative. As per the 24 hours risk-free policy, passengers can make changes in their flight booking at no extra cost. 

How do I reschedule my Kuwait Airways ticket?

  • Passengers can make changes in their flight for free in the 24-hour risk-free policy as per the Kuwait airways policy. 
  • A flight change fee is applicable on the bookings that are being modified after 24 hours of booking. 
  • All the changes in date on your Kuwait Airways flight are subject to availability with the airlines. 
  • Passengers can make the changes by themselves through the official website of Kuwait airways. Moreover, they can also reach out to the customer service team of Kuwait airways and request them to rebook their flight for another date. 
  • Passengers have to pay the remaining amount if the difference fare of the new tickets is higher than the previous one. 
  • Kuwait airways are responsible for paying the difference fare amount if the fare price of the newly booked ticket is lesser than the original fare price.
  • The flight date change amount depends on the type of ticket, route, and time left in departure.
  • Passengers must make the changes in their flight prior to departure time. No changes are allowed on the flight booking once the flight has been departed. 

Kuwait Airways Flight Change Policy

However, if you are confused about What Exactly is Kuwait Airways Rebooking Policy, refer to the information highlighted above in this article or get connected with the customer executive of Kuwait airways to get further help. 

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