How safe is Turkish Airlines 2022

Turkish airlines focus on creating a safe and secure travel experience for travelers. Since traveling is one of the most important causes for the spread of Covid-19, Turkish airlines have implemented various protection measures and guidelines to avoid the spread of Covid-19. People often question that Does Turkish airlines require a covid test for traveling. However, the airline requires the covid test to travel. Below are some of the policies and guidelines followed by Turkish airlines.

Does Turkish airline require a Covid test?

Rules and policies of Covid-19 on Turkish airlines.

  • Masks are mandatory for people two years of age or above during the journey, covering the whole face and mouth area. 
  • Social distancing is required at the time of travel, both at the airport and on the flight. People are expected to maintain distance for the safety of each other.
  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated for at least two weeks before the traveling date. Exceptions can be given to those who have age or medical issues.
  • People have to undergo the covid test at the airport before traveling with a Turkish airline. Suppose they've been tested for covid negative test a minimum of three days before the travel for an international flight. In that case, they'll have to bring the covid not detected certificate with themselves.
  • For domestic flights, the covid-19 test can be done a minimum of one day before the travel date.
  • Those who have been reported as Covid-19 positive and have been recovered 90 days before the traveling date are allowed to travel if they're symptom-free.
  • If the passenger is suffering from any of the symptoms of Covid-19, they may not be allowed to travel with Turkish airlines.

Is Turkish Airlines safe during covid?

The policies mentioned above must be followed by all the people while traveling with Turkish airlines. Specific destinations may not require the test if you have the Covid negative report. That's why people often doubt that does Turkey requires a Covid test while traveling. PCR covid tests are required to enter Turkey. Since Covid-19 has emerged as extensive damage for the whole human race, these policies are necessary to follow not just for self-safety but also for the well-being of the other people surrounding you.

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