How to send an email to Etihad airways?

Whether you want to check the availability of your Etihad voucher or you want to purchase the voucher, here you can follow the steps below to send an email to the airline anytime.

  • At first, open your email id and compose your email

  • You can copy the official email, address of the airline and paste it to the mail you composed

  • Now click on send to share your email

How do I claim my Etihad voucher?

Etihad Airways, a national airline of the UAE, began its operation in 2003. The airline recently has introduced a voucher scheme to allure its customers worldwide. If you are curious to know more about what is Etihad Voucher? You can keep reading the detailed information in the article below.

Procedure to Claim Etihad Vouchers

You can get an Etihad voucher in cases when the airline cancels the flight, or you choose to cancel the flight. Besides, as a guest member, you can also buy an Etihad voucher in the increment of $250 to $6500.Once you are eligible to get your Etihad voucher, you can follow the process below to claim/purchase your voucher.

Step by step process to claiming Etihad Voucher

  • At first, you can sign up for your guest account 

  • There you can visit the Airlines loyalty program

  • Now you can phone call the airline using the customer service number of your region.

  • Speak to the airline’s representative; you can claim your vouchers

  • Once done the airline issue add the vouchers to your travel bank account 

Once added, the travel vouchers are valid for up to two years, and you can redeem them for new bookings, upgrades, etc. If you are not sure how to redeem the voucher, you can follow the instructions below.

How do I redeem my Etihad Voucher?

You can redeem your voucher for many purposes like buying a new ticket, rebooking, upgrading, etc. Here you can check the process below to redeem your Etihad voucher.

Use Etihad voucher for new ticket:-

  • When you wish to redeem your voucher for the new ticket purchase, you can follow the booking procedure like always.

  • When you reach the payment page, you can choose the Travel Bank Option in the payment section to pay for your tickets.

  • The airline will use your voucher value here to confirm your booking, and you will not need to pay any monetary charges. 


  • To rebook your flight using a voucher, you can follow the same rebooking procedure as always.

  • On the payment page again, you will choose to pay using your available voucher at Etihad airways.

In-Flight Services:-

How do I redeem my Etihad Voucher? You can also use an Etihad voucher for buying in-flight services like beverages, comfort seats, checked baggage, entertainment service, etc.

You can buy these services using available vouchers either at the time of booking or check-in.

Etihad Airways Last-Minute Deals

You can also save a hefty amount on your last-minute reservation by using your travel voucher credentials.

Once you redeem your voucher, you can also check the available value online while booking your flight, or you can also send a mail to the airline. If you have no idea, How do I send an email to Etihad airways? Do not worry; just check out the quick process below.

What is Etihad Vouchers?

After reading the information above, you must now be aware of What is Etihad Vouchers? How can you claim them? Besides, if you have any other issues, you can speak to the Etihad representative anytime.




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