How do I get hold of Air Canada?

Every flyer tries to choose the perfect method to interact with a person when they need quick support. The Air Canada Customer Service team comes with a live chat facility even for Puerto Rico to meet the expectations. Yes, with this method, you can expect quick answers, and you can use this at any moment. However, if you are searching for how you can leverage this, you can go through the below-mentioned steps. 

Does Air Canada provide live chat support for Puerto Rico?

Steps to get Air Canada live chat support for Puerto Rico 

If you are worried about the chat process, then you don’t have to. Here you are getting the solution fast without directing any strict steps. 

  • At first, you have to open the browser on your computer or any other device
  • Next, search for Air Canada official website 
  • The page you can see is the homepage, so you have to scroll down and go to the bottom of the page. 
  • Here at the lower extreme left corner, the first option will be “contact information.” 
  • You can click on it and see the page, where at the down corner, you can see the message icon 
  • Click on it and direct the question and welcome note mentioned in the chatbox. 
  • Now, you can hit on the “Start chatting” and choose the topic and mention the question.

Air Canada has live chat for Puerto Rico

In this way, you can use the live chat feature in Puerto Rico. You might have to wait some time because of the covid scenario; there is a delay in functioning. However, it is essential to know that it is the auto-response system, and a live person is not involved. 

Air Canada last minute flight deals

For situations like Air Canada last minute flight deals, cancellations, or booking, you need to rely on the real person for prompt support. But, still, you can use this as it is a 24-hour service, so first, try this one and rest you can interact with a person through other methods. 


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