How can I use Qatar Airways voucher?

You can use your travel voucher for the new booking or new trip. To redeem your travel voucher, you can apply the voucher code when you book your flight and before the payment. If you have no idea how to use a travel voucher? You can keep reading the detailed information below.

Here you can follow some simple steps below to redeem your voucher.

  • At first, you have to go to the official web portal of Qatar airways
  • There you can go to the booking flight page
  • Now you have to search for the preferred route 
  • Enter the details of passengers and make sure the passenger's name should match the name of passengers there on the voucher
  • Now you can select the additional services if you want to add any
  • Follow further instructions to book your flight
  • Once you reach the trip summary page there, you can enter your thirteen-digit voucher number on the voucher field, which is there at the bottom of the page.
  • After filling in all the required information it the submit voucher button
  • the voucher amount gets deducted from the total price of the ticket

You can also redeem your voucher against the fee charged while changing the existing booking. Moreover, if you face any issues during the process, speak to the Qatar Airways representative anytime.

How can I redeem the travel voucher online With Qatar airways?

Qatar Airways provides travel vouchers when you cancel your ticket for some sudden work or emergency. You also get vouchers when airlines cancel your flight for unusual conditions. A travel voucher is a document exchanged for the value of a canceled ticket. In addition to that, you can also exchange it for any unused or partially used ticket.

Qatar Airways Travel Voucher

The airline provides you a travel voucher when the ticket is canceled either by you or the airline. As said above, you can also exchange it for unutilized tickets or partially used tickets. Moreover, if you want to use your travel voucher.

Terms and Conditions

You must follow its terms and conditions below.

  • Travel vouchers can be used to pay for online ticket booking. The value of the voucher gets deducted from the total amount you pay for the ticket.
  • You can use the voucher against the fee charged when changing your booking.
  • You can also get a residual value of the voucher when the booked ticket cost is lower than the voucher price. The residual value will be issued for a different voucher for future travel.
  • Every Qatar Airways travel voucher has a validity of two years. It means once you have the voucher, you will have to use it within two years from the date it is issued.
  • You can use the Qatar airways voucher only for the passengers to whom it is issued, as the voucher is not transferable.
  • You can redeem one voucher for every passenger who occupies a seat within the booking.
  • The maximum coupon you can redeem is nine; you can't redeem more than nine vouchers when booking the ticket for nine passengers.

Are Qatar vouchers transferable?

No, though the airline provides many facilities to its passengers, they do not provide transferable vouchers even if you choose the name.



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