How do I speak to someone at Avianca?

There are several ways to use your Voucher. You only need to make sure that you choose the most convenient way for yourself. 

Procedure to get in touch with the Avianca Airline:

Via call- 

  • Dial the official number of Avianca Airlines. 

  • Once you have done that, you only need to select the correct option related to your query. 

  • After that, your call will be connected to a live person, and within a few minutes, your question will be sorted out. 

Via chat-

  • Get on the official website of Avianca airlines. 

  • Once you have done that, you would need to tap on the button “Customer support.” 

  • On the new page, click on the Chat icon. 

  • Now you would need to select the options related to your query. 

  • In the chatbox, you would need to choose the button “Start chat.” 

How do I use my Avianca voucher?

So, if you’re thinking, “How do you call Avianca in Colombia?” or if you want to know the right way to use the vouchers, then you owls need to make sure that you have followed the below-mentioned information. After that, you’ll be quickly able to utilize the coupons. 

Ways to utilize your vouchers:

Airline Membership 

Once you have got the membership of the Avianca airline, then you can utilize the vouchers to renew your membership. Once you have restored the membership, and if you have not used all the coupons, you need to make sure that you have utilized all of it before the expiry of the vouchers. 

Credit Card

If you’re utilizing the credit card of the Avianca airline, then you’ll receive the vouchers. You can use those vouchers to book a hotel or even the cab service on the next trip. 

Cancellation/ change 

In case you have made any cancellations or changes to your flight. Then you will receive the refund in the form of a voucher. After that, you only need to ensure that you have utilized it for the next booking or according to your convenience in any other valid manner. 


While shopping at any store which is a partner with the Avianca airline, you can utilize your vouchers there, and you will also be eligible to get the discount for that, if available at that time. 

Is Avianca call center 24 hours?

Yes, Whenever you need the Avianca call center is available for the help and support of their passengers. You will call 24*7 for any query or other issue or query related to your upcoming booking or trip.


Avianca airlines customer service

Soon, your chat will be connected to the Avianca customer service. After that, you won’t face any issues. Hopefully, your query regarding the Avianca airline vouchers and the customer service is cleared.


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