How long is Spirit credit good for?

Spirit Airlines flight booking with the credit

It is quite exciting to travel via plane. For some people, it is almost like a dream has come true. After all, it seemed impossible for humankind to fly but the invention of airplanes made it possible. 

Moreover, it is way more comfortable to travel via air than by any other mode of transportation. Air travel has lessened the time it took to travel from one place to another. That is why the number of people who travel via plane has increased with time. 

Spirit Airlines Reservations

Air travel is more convenient but it is more costly as well. Everyone wants to travel via plane, but everyone wants to travel cheap also. Earlier it was not possible but now it has become possible. Most airlines, like Spirit Airlines, offer flight discounts and also provide travel vouchers to their customers. You can also use the reservation credit to book your flight. There are a number of ways to save money on your flight booking. So, let’s see how you can save money on your Spirit Airlines Reservations. 

How to Book a Spirit Flight with a Credit?

Steps to book a flight on Spirit using reservation credit-

Reservation credit is what you get when your flight gets canceled by the airline. When an airline cancels your flight, either you can choose it to be rebooked, receive a refund or get a reservation credit to use it in the trip with the airline. 

So, you must have gotten a reservation credit when Spirit canceled your flight. Now, let’s see how you can go through Spirit Airlines flight booking with the credit process. 

  1. Locate the Reservation Credit Number you have with you before you start any new booking with Spirit Airlines. The Reservation Credit Number is the code you got when your flight was canceled. It contains 6 alphanumeric digits and will be in your trip cancellation mail. 

  2. Now go to the official website of Spirit Airlines and start the flight booking process. Fill in the correct details. 

  3. After reaching the payment page, click on the option of “redeem a voucher or credit”.

  4. Now, you will have to enter your Reservation Credit Number and click on the “Go” button. 

  5. Then, you will have to enter the “Amount to Spend” for the reservation. You can either use the full or partial amount and then click on the “Apply for Credit” button. 

  6. If there is any remaining balance, follow the further steps to make the additional payment. 

  7. After the process has been finished, you will receive a new mail. Any remaining credit balance will be used in the future. 

How do I use my spirit credit voucher?

Steps to book a flight on Spirit using a voucher-

If you want to use a voucher on your Spirit Airlines booking and you are wondering, how do I book a flight with a voucher on Spirit? Then you have to continue reading to know the process. 

  1. Follow the above-mentioned steps to book a flight. 

  2. Now, after clicking on the “Redeem a voucher or credit” option, choose the option of the voucher. 

  3. Follow the further steps to finish the process. 

So, by following the above-mentioned points, you can make affordable Spirit Airlines reservations. Contact the customer support team of Spirit Airlines in case you need any help

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