Frontier Airline's Covid-19 Policy

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit globally, all the residents of different areas were aware of the danger it could cause to human life. Like the residents, airlines and airports are also aware of the security measures and precautions they should take to be infection-free. Yes, the passengers traveling with Frontier Airlines Require Covid Test before boarding their flight for their destination. There are a number of passengers who like to travel worldwide to their favorite destinations and prefer Frontline Airlines to book their flight tickets. The only thing they are required to do is follow the airlines' policies regarding the Covid-19 virus and infection. Below are some of the policies and different tests which passengers need to follow:

Frontier Airline's Covid-19 Policy

Essential guidelines and policies-

  • Passengers need to arrive extra time before the departure of the flight. To ensure the well-being of the passengers, screening of the body temperature will be taken by the airport staff with the touchless thermometer.
  • Anyone with a temperature more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be able to board the flight. Airport staff will be placed at the different places at the airport to check the social distancing between the passengers. 
  • All travelers must have vaccination certificates and adverse test reports. The passengers should have done their Covid test before 72 hours of the scheduled flight, like the RT-PCR test and Nucleic Acid test.
  • Passengers should wear masks during boarding of the flight, onboard, and after arriving at the destination. They should keep extra masks with them to change them after every usage hour. They are only allowed to keep the FFP masks without a valve. 
  • Also, keep sanitizer and use it frequently after touching anything around them. Keep social distance with fellow passengers and the airline staff to be free of infection. Do not talk unnecessarily with fellow passengers to prevent the spreading of infection. They should not leave their seats without any reason on the flight. 
  • They have to keep in mind that if they use the toilet, they should flush it by keeping its lid closed to avoid spreading germs and infection. They should not touch other things as they may have got infected. 
  • All the passengers must get isolated after reaching the guest's destination even if they are not positive to avoid contacting the residents. They should not use public transport and visit different places in the city.

Frontier Airlines Require Covid Test 

Above are some of the points mentioned of Frontier Airline's Covid-19 Policy. The passengers need to follow the guidelines provided by the airlines related to the Covid-19 pandemic. The passengers must keep negative test results and vaccination certificates with them. 

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